Thursday, 29 November 2012

List Of Free Full PC Games Download Sites

Either big capacity games to small, SWF formatted games ; all bring loads of fun and excitement , might as well be addicted to it .

Here's some of great sites that contains free, full premium games !

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Travel On Tuesday : CenterPOINT Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Alike with the name , being a center attraction in both local and international tourists is both challenging and profitable for business in here . One-stop for dining , entertainment , office, college and car park , similar to 1Borneo, but highly recommended for those who wished to stay on the budget . Less pricey yet promising satisfaction will be earned in CenterPoint Sabah .

Now it's a brand new look and still in renovation 

Monday, 26 November 2012

Abused by World , A Teen's Life Ended

Abused. A word that I directly pointed out to the selfish and intolerant surrounding of this girl . I actually thought that Canadian is a very well-mannered society , so I didn't expect this horrible case come from that country . This girl had been into depression , suicidal and lonely - somewhat a bad life for a 16 year old girl , am I right? 

Need ideas to setting up your aquarium?

Fishes are one of the most popular pets , yet still  many haven't grow fonder about them as much as people to cats or dogs . So , for those who wished to have a pet that harmless and mostly easy to take care of , fishes definitely a best choice that you have .

In order to have a suitable condition for your fish , read this to find out what are their basic needs !

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Carter Burwell's Bella's Lullaby - Deep Meaning Inside?

  While the newly released hit of Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 2 still remained the box office of the week , I'm really impressed how my 115 minutes just gone by without blinking in the cinema . Despite a few arguments whether Twilight is the worst saga forever or the best saga forever , what makes the BD part 2 is so special is the soundtrack (and of course , the new addition to Cullen's family - Bella and Renesmee) . The melody by Yiruma once I loved most , it became my second top of the list after I heard Carter Burwell's Bella Lullaby .

Plus , I had a wonderful time listening to the OST while watching , being reminded that this was their finale and happy ending forever . I won't spoil the beans for those who haven't watch it , so I'll point out only the OST .

What captured me is this one particular melody that bring my tears out. Reminding me how life is beautiful and reminisce their stories in the past .

Here's an excerpt from CB's website :

My concern, as a composer, is to make the film as a whole compelling, dramatic, emotional and cinematic. But in this case other extraneous concerns quickly started to pile on, all driven by the fans of the book. The piano scene was added because Summit was becoming aware that fans wanted to hear Edward play the melody referred to as “Bella’s Lullaby.” Because I hadn’t started writing yet there was a musical vacuum into which other music started to be pulled. Rob improvised a tune for the shoot. Matthew Bellamy, of Muse, sent in his idea of “Bella’s Lullaby.” And there were countless readers who already had their own ideas. None of this made my job easier.
When I finally began writing music for Twilight, in early July, I moved myself, my family and my studio from New York to Los Angeles to work more closely with Catherine and the editorial team – Nancy Richardson the film editor and Adam Smalley the music editor. I began the score with Bella and Edward, specifically the scene in which he carries her into the treetops. I wanted to capture the excitement but also the challenge of this love which spans barriers of time and species. The film had been edited so that the piano scene followed the treetops scene, and the whole montage had very little dialogue so it was a good canvas on which to paint Bella and Edward’s love theme.
After trying many different approaches with mixed success I put the tune I wrote years ago for my ecstatic and tormented love against the picture and it seemed quite perfect. It has an “A” theme which is a bit ambiguous, like two people trying to find a common ground, climbing to a high and then tumbling down, and a “B” theme that is forthrightly joyful (at least as joyful as my music gets). I showed it to Catherine Hardwicke and she found it “thrilling,” “exhiliarating.” And so this unnamed tune became “Bella’s Lullaby.” It’s worth noting, though, that neither Catherine nor I ever called that. We always referred to this tune as the “Love Theme” and I think it makes much more sense if you think of it this way. It’s more complex and emotional than any lullaby I’ve ever heard.

My favourite line is in 1:12 - 1:50 , repetition at 2:40 - 3:40 . I'm also still practicing the tunes but I'll upload it very soon .

Yiruma's River Flows in You :

What do you think is better lullaby , Burwell's or Yiruma's ?

Friday, 23 November 2012

How To Be a God / Goddess in Within Seconds

  Ops , I think you got quite ambitious mission here ! But, TGIF for today is totally about that , but not in reality . You can play an online game , called Doodle God . This is also one of my favourite games , surely nothing can distract you from playing this game . Have fun !
  Find more free online flash games at

Psst.. Got stuck ? The Secret Recipes is here .

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Beats by Dr. Dre Headphone

 I became very interested with Dr. Dre's invention and his intention as well . So , I bought one and it's really good headphone . For those who still in doubt , here's a bit 'read on' about it . 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Largest Hypermall In East Malaysia : 1 Borneo

  Hey there, my fellow readers . 

For today's travel post , I spent a few hours checking out the first and largest hyper-mall in East Malaysia . Such a big place and providing so much in the terms of accommodation (for tourists) , shops , food outlets (including western outlet as well ) and not to be missed , the excitement and few bonuses here as well !