Monday, 31 December 2012

Welcome , 2013 !

It's been a while since I left the blog world . I'm starting to miss my writings and my thoughts always lingering in my mind , having no platform to speak it out loud . Are you missing me too? :)

We couldn't count how much the time have passed and brought us forward to the next chapter of our lives . Our world . We couldn't achieved more than we may have right now if we didn't made it in the past . In just 12 years after Y2K scene , we made tons of things that we never thought we would be part of it . If you counted on my side of interest , we had Apple creations that re-defined our opinion about communication. We had Samsung and HTC that shaped the universe of smartphone. Excuse me for using this example , because for me , this was a vital signal that we're moving forward , never backwards .

On personal side, we had some major terrible loss of our own relatives in disasters. We lost our own idols, doesn't matter if we didn't know them that much , but still , mourning and praying for them is just our way to show the respect. On the other hand , we gain such a great success in life and hoping the experience will be a great teacher for the upcoming challenges . The ups and downs really recorded our entire feelings in it and finally we had come such a great finale . Bravo and cheers for us !

Let's review the big things that happened in this year (2012) .

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